Heel-Float Heel Protector Plus Large 5 Wide


Heel-Float Heel Protector Plus Large 5 Wide

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  • SKU: B731-SC503046
  • Brand: earningsites-deals
  • Type: Beds & Accessories
  • Availability: Out stock
HEEL FLOAT PLUS+ * Lg/Bariatric * 5 Wide * Water-based gel insert cools and lowers pressure under ankle * Cozy ClothTM reduces friction and sheet and wicks away moisture * Provides maximum air circulation for healing existing sores * Cloth barriers on Velcro© closures prevent skin abrasion * Launderable reusable and guaranteed for six months * Heel-FloatTM Plus+ * Zero pressure on heel bunion & malleoli * Off-loads heel over air cavity * Cutouts eliminate pressure on lateral and medial malleoli * Foot band secures below bunions on big and small toes * Rigid insert prevents foot-drop * Extended foot support keeps blanket and sheet off toes *

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