Lymphadema Garment XL 1/2-Leg Single


Lymphadema Garment XL 1/2-Leg Single

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  • SKU: B731-7450CS
  • Brand: earningsites-deals
  • Type: Physician Supplies
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Managing a variety of peripheral edema conditions from chronic venos insuficiency to lymphedema * Edema associated soft tissue injury such as burns or ligment sprains * Postoperatively they can be used to manage edema and decrease the risk of deep vein thrombosis * Powerpress units effect-Promotion of the blood circulation * Powerpress units help you maintain a fit and healthy shape by managing the viens in the lower part of your body * Even aged skin can recover its youthful resilience * Massage on the various parts of your body promotes blood circulation stimulates the secreation of the lymph fluids and activates your metabolism * Foot 17 x Ankle 19 x Rear leg length 20 x Front leg length 18 x Mid calf circumference: 23 x Knee circumference 25 * HCPC: E0660 * 6 month limited warranty *

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