Good 2 GoTM Moist Heat Pad Cervical 5 x 16


Good 2 GoTM Moist Heat Pad Cervical 5 x 16

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  • SKU: B731-2485C
  • Brand: earningsites-deals
  • Type: Hot & Cold Therapy
  • Availability: Out stock
Good2Go Cervical 5 x 16 * Heat Therapy only * Plush multi-ply cover design focuses moist heat right where you need it most * Joint-specific or multi-use shapes for a snug secure fit * Portability convenience and economy in a reusable unit that will last for years * Patented non-allergenic fill does not leak smell decay or encourage fungus growth * Fill has a special porous surface to trap the maximum amount of atmospheric moisture * Wide elastic strap holds heat snugly in place while you continue regular activities * Mitt is filled with two soft gel-packs that can be heated as needed to surround your hand with heat therapy * Warranty- 1 Year

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