STR8-N-UP Posture Support Small Solid Black


STR8-N-UP Posture Support Small Solid Black

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  • SKU: B731-1402B
  • Brand: earningsites-deals
  • Type: Orthopedic Care
  • Availability: In Stock
Small: 16.5 - 18.5 * Measure across the upper chest * Be sure to measure above the bust area * Solid black band with decorative gray stitching and black buckle * Whether you are at the office gym golf course home school or in travel you may be compromising your form and not even know it * Relieves the problems we are wreaking to our bodies and future health due to slouching hunching and stress * Start retraining reminding and realigning your body with the help of Str8-n-Up * Str8-n-Up is designed based on muscle memory * Wear for only 30-minutes a day and start conditioning yourself to be more aware of improper form so that you can correct your posture and keep it in check * Str8-n-Up helps you to know and feel what proper form should be * WHEN TO USE STR8-N-UP: * Up to 30-minutes during your lunch or coffee breaks at the office or workplace * Up to 30-minutes prior or after any physical activity (yoga exercising pilates walking/running etc.) * Up to 30-minutes after or during video gaming sessions * Up to 30-minutes after driving* or traveling long hours * Up to 30-minutes anytime you want to destress and stretch out your neck and shoulder muscles * Up to 30-minutes in between breast feedings to relax tensed muscles and recorrect your form * Up to 30-minutes before a game of golf for a relaxed and consistent correct form

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